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Was The Earth Created In Six Earth Days?

By Bill Jones. Was the Earth created in six Earth days? I do not read Genesis 1 that way. While 6 Earth Days is certainly implied, a careful read will result in a different answer.    My background is as an engineer/scientist since I have worked in advanced engineering for my entire career. I have designed, built, and debugged systems that had never been built before.  I am an inventor with ten patents.     I have eight years of study with the “Bible Study Fellowship” program.  I took the BSGenesis course two times. The Genesis course was being taught when I started BSF. I started the course because I was interested in Genesis. It should be noted that BSF is a worldwide organization.  If you travel you do not have to miss a single lesson since the courses are taught at the same time in each city worldwide. It is not a trivial study. There is often a waiting list for men wanting to enlist in the BSF study. At the end of seven years you are expected to leave the course if there is a wa