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The Cat Is Not Alive And Dead

By Bill Jones.  Schrodinger’s Cat is said to be alive and dead at  the  same  time,  and this  classic paradox  is  a  result  of  Quantum  mechanics.    This  thought  caused  Schrodinger some difficulty. Quantum Mechanics will cause this difficulty. In 1935 Schrodinger suggested that a cat  be  placed  in a box with a poison that could be released at a random time with a  probability  of 0.5 in some given time period.    If the poison is released the cat will then die.     Then after the time period is up, it is impossible to know if the cat is alive or dead  without  opening  the box for observation.    Before observation it must be said that the cat  is  both alive and dead at the same time – because of the laws of Quantum Mechanics. The mathematics of the Quantum theory has been shown to be unusually accurate in predicting results and or measurements in the very small atomic world. The actual maximum physical size for the mathematics usefulness is not known.   There was no injury