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The Bible, The God and A God

The Bible has been around for some years. The Hebrew Bible was canonized around 165 BC and the New Testament about year 400. The Bible has a number of discrepancies that are often pointed out by non-believers in God or Jesus Christ. Believers prefer to use the word Problems instead of Discrepancies. It has taken years to write the Bible and it is suggested that these discrepancies were really just problems and would eventually be corrected, if not by man, then God. I know missionaries that spent over ten years writing a Bible for those that use a language where no Bible had been written. The authors of the new Bible noted the problems (discrepancies) but understood that the problems had to be included as they were in the original Bible. This is to say that most non-believers have not spent a great amount of time noting the problems that they call discrepancies. Many non-believers tend to feel that they are perhaps among the first to note the problems. They are not. The problems are dis