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Consciousness - 1

Consciousness-1 by Bill Jones:  There is no questioning that some people enter your life at the exact time of need - for your benefit. This has happened to you. It has happened to me. You had a need and it was fulfilled. It appeared to be a casual accident and you thought little of it at the time. But it changed your life. This was caused by Consciousness.  Consciousness is powerful in ways that are difficult to understand. Many words have been used to explain or define Consciousness but a good definition may never be available. My definition of Consciousness would be slanted toward my interest in communications.  Consciousness provides us with a function that “may” provide communication and also problems. The communication is of a complex nature. I think that it is instantaneous. It is faster than the speed of light. I believe that Consciousness is fundamental and that it will have no explanations as in a mathematical expression. While I may call Consciousness a wave function, it ma