Consciousness - 1

Consciousness-1 by Bill Jones:

 There is no questioning that some people enter your life at the exact time of need - for your benefit. This has happened to you. It has happened to me. You had a need and it was fulfilled. It appeared to be a casual accident and you thought little of it at the time. But it changed your life. This was caused by Consciousness.

 Consciousness is powerful in ways that are difficult to understand. Many words have been used to explain or define Consciousness but a good definition may never be available. My definition of Consciousness would be slanted toward my interest in communications.

 Consciousness provides us with a function that “may” provide communication and also problems. The communication is of a complex nature. I think that it is instantaneous. It is faster than the speed of light. I believe that Consciousness is fundamental and that it will have no explanations as in a mathematical expression. While I may call Consciousness a wave function, it may not be a wave function but it needs to be called something. The double slit experiment problem is because of Consciousness. The experiment is said to be first done by Thomas Young in 1801 and the problem is generally considered a Consciousness effect. The experiment has two results. One result is when the experiment is being observed. The second result is when the experiment is not being observed. Thus an experimental result may be changed by observation, There are training courses for observation specialists.

 When a person is being observed it is said that the observer should not carefully watch the person being observed. The use of peripheral vision is necessary. Otherwise the observed person may become consciously aware of the observer and look in their direction. This is a serious problem and the problem is thought to be caused by Consciousness. Consciousness is then a communication function that could be in effect between conscious beings. We do not have the ability to use this function between individuals but communication does occur between individuals unknowingly.

 Consciousness has many unexplained qualities. There are stories where mothers may know that their child has a serious problem because of a Conscious connection. You may wonder or think of a friend in another location and the friend may call you shortly thereafter. This effect has been observed often and is caused by Consciousness. There are many stories of this type. 

 While Quantum mechanics is useful in the study of the brain it will not fully explain the function of Consciousness. There are small devices in the body that are called tubules. Tubules provide different functions, for example a special tubule in the body of the male makes sperm. The tubule is then responsible for life. It has been suggested that tubules in the brain may be responsible for Consciousness. The communication wave or function is only known by God. This communication ability is available to those that pray to God. He hears and understands our prayers. I suspect that the function is available to all humans. Those that do pray believe that their prayers are answered. But not necessarily answered in the way desired. Since the function is from God it is said that we will not find mathematical definitions but it would be assumed that the part of the brain that defines Consciousnesses may be found. 

I suspect that we will only be allowed to have awareness of the function. It should be said that Consciousness is connected to God, and fundamental. I am not the first to consider Consciousness fundamental. Of course these thoughts will not be accepted by many scientists as many scientists do not believe in God. About fifty percent of all scientists believe in God, but well know scientists average about a ten percent belief in God. 

 It is assumed by some that Consciousness exists in all things. My thoughts would be different because it is a God connection. Then Consciousness would only be found in humans, animals, insects and water species. Particles would not be on the scale of consciousness. Consciousness for communication is limited except for communication with God. The communication is normally only one way but this is the choice of God. 

 Again, Consciousness is fundamental and is a function that allows us to be heard by God, and it allows our actions to be known by God. God hears our prayers and considers them. It is said here that the function is necessarily instantaneous because He wants to know of our concerns quickly. The speed of light is often considered a problem for the instantaneous word. Quantum Mechanics show that processed particles have an unusual ability. If the spin of one particle is known then the spin of the second particle is given regardless of the distance between the particles. This is instant communication. 

Note that the particles are only separated and not moving. The speed of light is then not a problem. Thoughts are not mass. While Christians know that God hears our prayers I think that it is interesting that it is caused by what we call Consciousness. Humans are assumed to be the only beings that have means to communicate with God. Animals and other species have a limited ability to use their Consciousness to communicate with humans, and their species, and perhaps other species. I believe that we have a limited ability to communicate with other species. “Consciousness 1” was added to the Consciousness paper after some thought. 

It is clear that when we pray to God, He hears. Since the prayers are often only thought, then He could only hear by some communication phenomena. The phenomena is because of our Consciousness. As a communications engineer I should have understood this. I came close to accepting Consciousness as the means for communications with God in the original Consciousness paper. Since God’s ears are open, then it should have been a Mystery that He can hear our thoughts.. How is this possible? It has never been a question because God is God and because it says in the Bible that God hears our prayers. I have never heard this question. To me (now) this should have been more of a Mystery than other Bible Mystery's. We now have a good answer for the how question, that is - Consciousness.


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