Consciousness  2

by Bill Jones

Examination of previous thoughts may require some explanation. The article concerning Consciousness was not actually intended to explain Consciousness but some of the qualities were discussed to show its inportance. Consciousness is much more than the ability to know that one knows.


The paper was intended to show a phenomenia that allows us to communicate with God. The note then brings up an important question. That is, when we pray we may only use thought, the question in mind is then – how is it possible for God to hear thought. By what means is this phenominia possible. The answer is because of Consciousness. The means of communication was suggested to be the use of the electron spin.


A single electron of course would not suffice but would require a numher of electrons to provide transmission of thought. A single electron would allow digital data transmission but thought would require more than one electron.

Transmission of information is in theory possible using electron spin but it is not known if it has been done. Electrons do not spin but electron spin was an original term and is used often today. It is an actual magnetic property of the electron.

Since tubules are used throughout the body for complex means it was then intended to suggest that it would be used for the communication function.



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