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Automatic Gain Control.

There have been many ways to control the gain of radios over the years and will discuss several of the important ways starting close to the beginning of the AC radio.  While I may not cover all of the ways used for control but will cover the important ways and will discuss some of the reasons for their use.I plan to cover the 1920’s to at least to the present day volume control plus AGC (Automatic Gain Control) gain control – this would be the last of the tube radios. I plan to provide a simple but accurate analysis of the automatic gain control.  Another proper name for AGC is AVC, or Automatic Volume Control, but here we will generally use the term Automatic Gain Control. To be accurate I believe that the term Automatic Volume Control is a more proper name if you are interested in marketing. I tend to use th?e term AGC, but the terms are used interchangeably.  I have never seen the AGC analyzed before. The analysis can be very tedious without some simplifying assumptions. I have made