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Repair Your AC/DC Tube Radio

By Bill Jones. This article will allow you to repair a number of radios if you are inclined to follow the steps given here.  While the discussion will be centered mainly on the five and six tube AC/DC radio much of the discussion applies to the transformer radio. Included in this article will be the necessary minimum equipment required. It is necessary to find the parts needed, and this will be discussed. The bare equipment required is a Volt-Ohm Meter (VOM) along with a good soldering iron.  The digital meter is great since it is accurate, and difficult to burn out. I use a Fluke meter and highly recommend it. I also have a good Volt Ohm meter. I find a Vacuum Tube Volt meter most useful.  You need means for getting tube data sheets. You may require two irons if you intend to work on the transformer sets. One iron should be a 500 watt iron (for transformer radios), and another smaller iron. I would suggest a 40 watt iron.  The older AC sets often had components that were soldered

NASA Climate Study Announced

By Bill Jones.The Oklahoma City newspaper (12/15/2016) had a full one page announcement   regarding a NASA grant for Oklahoma University to study Carbon Gases.  Climate change was not mentioned in the announcement. The grant is for a study of “Earth’s natural exchanges of carbon between the land, atmosphere and ocean.” This is a five year study awarded to Oklahoma University. It is a 166 million dollar grant by NASA to be headed by Oklahoma University. The study would center on a communications satellite that would make observations over the Americas. The News Article implies that OU would receive 166 million dollars for this study. It is likely that most of the funds will be used for the satellite, and the required instrumentation.  Oklahoma University would be receiving a smaller amount for a study of the results of the satellite data. There are also a number of other groups involved in this study. These groups would require funding. Oklahoma University would l